donalee's short stories

A story that follows Iquluit police chief Doug Brumal as he investigates the case of an environmentalist who ends up dead after drinking the local water. The bonds of friendship are tested along with the benzene levels. Accidental contamination? 

published in: Black Cat Weekly & Mystery, Crime, Mayhem 

The first in the Doug Brumal series set in the Canadian north. Already in his third day on the job, he receives a call about a body that’s been found at a nearby hotel. Brumal and his team must find out who killed the victim, and why.

published in: Cold Canadian Crime

A story about a woman who notices that someone, or something, is watering her house plants and undertakes to find out who or what is doing so. It follows her quest for answers, her solution, and the fix that didn't fix anything in the end.

published in: After Dinner Conversation

Swan Song
Troubled Water
Troubled Water has been shortlisted for a 2024 Derringer award and 2024 Crime Writers of Canada Award of Excellence.